About Me


I am a stay at home mom, and now grammy, with the dream of moving from Maine to Florida to be closer to Walt Disney World. However my family does not share this dream with me.  We live in a climate with brutal winters, and what gets me through them is the dream of someday moving to the place I love the most, Florida. Home of the Magic Kingdom. The warm weather, sun shining, annual passes to WDW, and most importantly, no more SNOW!

I spend hours a day reading blogs, message boards, especially the DISboards at THE DIS. I love browsing online for all things Disney, while sipping coffee or tea from one of my many Disney mugs. I especially love blogs chronicling a family moving to Florida to be close to Disney. They have lived my dream and I want to follow in their footsteps.

This blog is my Disney outlet. Here you will find all sorts of random Disney info, my goals and plans, a little law of attraction discussion, and just a whole lot of fun stuff. You won’t find a ton of trip planning info or park information, just my thoughts on Disney in general and the journey of somehow moving there and maybe even employment there someday. Happy reading!


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