Thrift Shop Scores

I am a Goodwill, Thrift store Junkie.  I am very lucky to have a Goodwill by the Pound store fairly close to me. If you have never been to one of these stores you will either love it or hate it.  Everything is loose in bins and shoved all together. People can be quite crazy when they bring out new bins, pushing and shoving to get first dibs at what is in them. I have even witnessed a fight break out over an item! But the best part is, you never know what you will find and everything is SUPER cheap. You can fill a whole cart for under 20 dollars.

I have walked away with some rare items that I paid less than a dollar for and sold for 60 dollars or more on ebay, a working Keurig for 99 cents and a coach leather wallet for 50 cents. My favorite finds though, are the Authentic Disney Merchandise.  There is almost always the rapid refill mugs. Whenever mine get stained or dingy I toss them and get new ones. I have bought T shirts, hats, bags, mugs and more. My favorite find was the Park Planning VHS tape from 1994.

Click on the category  “Thrift Shop Scores” on your right to read about recent Thrift shop finds.



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